Sheriff Kumba & Co - Legal Consultants in Gambia

Civil and Criminal Llitigation Lawyers in Gambia

Sheriff Kumba & Co is a law practice registered and licensed in The Gambia with the goal of providing high quality legal services to individuals, businesses, corporations or organizations operating or having interest in The Gambia. The practice specializes in the litigation of civil and criminal cases, company or business administration, commercial transactions and operations, due diligence services and as well as, preparation of legal instruments or documents.

In providing these services, our paramount concern and duty is always to our clients and we fearlessly uphold and defend their interests regardless to any unpleasant consequences. Our law practice is made up of highly qualified, dedicated and reliable legal practitioners with competence and knowledge of laws of The Gambia and vastly au fait with sub-regional, regional and international laws applicable and enforceable by our domestic courts and tribunals.


At SK & Co, we take pride in providing solutions to our clients to improve their business performance and bring the much-desired progress and improvement through the impact of our know-how.